Coaching Conflict for Healthy Outcomes

For coaches who want to be better working with conflict

Coaching is an effective tool for helping individuals, couples, teams and organizations resolve conflict. However, as coaches we need to exercise caution so that clients arenít addressing deep systematic problems with surface actions and commitments. Instead, we need to help them learn to treat one another as people, not objects, and we must support relational health. In this 16-hour coaching course, you will learn how to help clients restore relationships in order to find the best solutions possible.

ICF Approved for ACSTH credits.


Once a week for 8 Weeks
Completed an Introduction Coaching Class

“Bill Graybill does an excellent job of adapting the work of conflict consultation and intervention into positive coaching conversations with individuals and congregations.

Out of his experience as a coach and conflict intervener, he blends an engaging style, relational connection, and trusting demeanor with those who participate in learning as well as those who are engaged in conflict. I highly recommend this learning experience.

Ken Kessler
Director of BGAV Coaching Initiative and Network
Baptist General Association of Virginia

“Dr. Graybillís material would be helpful for all congregants to learn. From pastors, to staff members and volunteers to pew sitters. These skills could transform us as the Body of Christ.

My personal favorite ďtoolĒ from this course which I have already used with success is: ďIím offended, and its all YOUR fault!Ē.† This model of helping both parties to reflect on their own heart stance, their attitudes and thinking, can help people be open to hearing one another instead of just demanding their own way.†

Rebecca Sassenrath, ACC, CTC
ReaLife Coaching
Genesis Process Specialist

“Finally, thereís a practical, biblical based course for Christian coaches who wish to be well-prepared to coach clients dealing with conflict! Based on his thorough study of conflict resolution and extensive experience coaching churches and church leaders embroiled in conflict, Bill has developed a comprehensive, biblical based system for coaching clients through conflict and toward redemptive resolutions.

Billís wisdom and patience combined with his mastery of the subject and as a coach make this course a must-have for every Christian coach.”

The Rev. Dr. Betsey R. Crimmins
First Presbyterian Church
Elmira, NY

I found the content Bill provided in this course to far exceed the cost of the class and the time and expense of traveling out of state to attend. In particular, Billís ‘Elements of Heathy Culturesí and ĎIím Offended and itís Your Faultí instruction and worksheets were enlightening and helpful. I see many applications in my own life, as well as in the lives of those come to me for Leadership Coaching. Billís class has given me several new tools to use in my practice.”
Greg Cottrill, CTC, ACC,
Leadership Coach
Go Forth Coaching
Sacramento, CA


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