Transforming Teams

A holistic approach to long-term success

I feel one of the greatest gifts you brought our team was safety. Safety to navigate the waters even when it seemed impossible. You were like the experienced river guide talking through the white water. I know we would be where we are if it wasnít for you!

Does your story include frustration, the feelings of helplessness and disappointment? Does your story end with you wanting to quit and leave the pain behind? Your story can have a different ending.

You can join the growing number of pastors and churches, who are rewriting the end of their story. An ending with hope, transformation and building an effective team. The excitement and satisfaction of leading a successful team can be yours again.

Using the Four Phases of Team Transformation model, you can experience the fruits of a strategic and intentional journey towards a healthy team. Four Phases of Team Transformation will change your story line and it’s ending.

Challenge your team to excel and do better.

  • REDEEM strained relationships and your team will gain new energy and commitment.
  • REALIGN your culture and transitions from a work group into a true team.
  • REBUILD your structure and find new clarity, new passion and new opportunities.
  • REIGNITE by consistency and ongoing evaluation resulting in new growth.

Where do you belong in this journey? Jump in on any phase and change your story’s ending.


Stage 1: REDEEM

Rebuild broken relationships by

  • Understanding present reality
  • Repair broken relationships
  • Owning contributing factors
  • Changing of mindset

Stage 2: REALIGN

Change the culture by

  • Building trust
  • Engaging in healthy conflict
  • Establishing commitment
  • Embracing accountability
  • Managing team results

Stage 3: REBUILD

Adjust systems and structures by

  • Designing a healthy future
  • Strategic planning
  • Broadening leadership skills
  • Modifying inefficient structures


Launch for growth by

  • Intentional follow through
  • Team accountability
  • Maximizing resources
  • Celebrate often

You are not alone

Teams are a challenge. You have many backgrounds, cultures, desires and goals all wrapped up into one team. Staff members frequently have conflicting agendas and needs. Creating a healthy team is difficult and often elusive. Even the best teams need ongoing support and motivation.

Donít go it alone. Please. Bill would love to hear about the things youíre dealing with and help your team come out stronger and more ready than ever to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. There is no obligation, just an honest conversation.

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