Where We Began

A short history of Peace Mentors

It all started when we began seeing great success within our church community; we added a second gathering, hired new staff and began to see growth that was clearly Holy Spirit-breathed in our small, rural town. All the while, something was brewing beneath the surface that called into question my leadership and would ultimately result in over half of our people leaving the church. It was devastating.

The difficult experiences we’ve walked through have shaped our ability to offer healing and hope when others are faced with the same.

What we learned during those years has forever changed the way we look at and deal with conflict. We’ve set out to help the church learn how to create environments and cultures where people, teams, ministries and ultimately the church thrives.

In walking with pastors, staff members and leadership teams we have discovered what it takes to address strife head-on, repair broken relationships and build healthy alliances. Working closely with pastors and teams, the journey to health is traveled at a manageable pace, where everyone is encouraged to participate in the process.

Knowing the conflict crisis our society is experiencing, Peace Mentors expanded to help businesses and organizations transform their cultures. A healthy community is key to a healthy society.

Peace Mentors is dedicated to seeing everyone on the team flourish. When the team is healthy and flourishing, the ministry is primed to spring forward with passion. Healthy teams can focus on what is important to their mission, while leaving behind those things that hinder and derail the ministry.


About Bill

Some people describe Bill with words like Realistic, Intentional and To-the-Point. While these words accurately portray Bill, he is much more. Having pastored Abundant Life Center for 35 years, he has developed a keen understanding of pastors and what it takes to lead a church through periods of growth and times of discouragement.

Having gone back to earn his Doctorate in the ‘90s, he holds certifications in the fields of conflict management, anger management and from the International Coaching Federation (PCC), just to mention a few. While he embraces education, Bill knows how to balance it out with the relational aspect of building a healthy life.

Bill is fiercely committed to guiding your team to build healthy, balanced lives and strong relationships so they can reach their goals. He is ready to tackle the obstacles you are facing with confidence, bringing his years of experience and expertise to see your goals fulfilled.

Bill and his wife, Dorothy, live in Albany, Oregon, with Buddy their golden retriever. They have two married sons, Daniel and Mark, and five grandchildren.

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