Imagine a healthy growing church with your team operating at their highest potential. We already have.

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Peace Mentors serves churches by coming alongside leaders and staff, coaching the whole team as you navigate from conflict and being stuck to health and enjoying growth.

Life is too short to pastor in frustration and disappointment!

Learn how other churches and organizations moved past their most difficult obstacles while moving into a culture of trust and finding greater success.

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Kenny Engelking

Turning challenges into times of personal growth

Conflict always presents challenges and opportunities. How will you handle these? Bill opens the doors to change through new personal insights and practical actions. His style is easy while still penetrating to the deeper issues. His genuine concern for people is hard to resist.


Learn your ministry score in five critical areas in under five minutes

Successful pastors of healthy churches work at becoming proficient in the critical areas of ministry. Learn how you are doing in building the skills necessary to grow and sustain a healthy church. You will also receive occasional communication with helpful practical tips on resolving conflict, enhancing your skills and changing your culture.

Jen Tompkins

Building a trusting and connected team

Bill’s experience helped this group of co-workers become a team where trust, connection and focus produce renewed passion and results. His ability to breakdown barriers and build bridges is invaluable and supports a team as it moves forward.


You are not alone

All leaders are faced with team issues and relational tensions that hold us back from fully realizing our potential in ministry or business. Productivity and results are significantly hindered when these things go unresolved.

Don’t go it alone. Please. I would love to hear about the things you’re dealing with and help your team come out stronger and more ready than ever to see you reach your goals. There is no obligation, just an honest conversation.