Team Development

Through the 6 Types of Working Genius

Who is this training for?

Leaders & their teams

  • Leaders who want to become more effective with greater joy
  • Those who lead teams of any size
  • A leader looking to improve your team’s productivity
  • Employees who are “Burning Out” and want to find more joy from work
  • Companies or teams looking for ways to lower turn over and improve overall culture

In this training you will…

The Working Genius Process

  • Understand the 6 stages of every job or task
  • Discover how to navigate all 6 stages as a team
  • Learn your Geniuses, Competencies, and Frustrations
  • Understand how your Geniuses and Frustrations play with others
  • Work with your Team Map to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps
  • Learn to run productive meetings
  • Come up with action steps on ways to immediately improve the way you work

Graphic Designer, Abundant Life Center

“Working Genius has given me a new freedom to bring the best me to my work. I no longer feel guilty or frustrated in the areas that are not my genius. I know that other team members will bring their geniuses to the project and that the end result will be better than any one person can do. Through Bill’s teaching, we now have a language to explain where each of us fit in every project. I now know why certain parts of a project are so challenging to me, and that other team members can pick up those areas with their geniuses.”

What to Expect

Discover and unlock untapped genius on your team

In this training program, each team member will complete a 10-minute assessment that results in a custom report. Once the Working Genius types of your team members are uncovered, your organization can more easily align goals, organize projects, and implement stages of work with team members whose Working Genius strengths are in those identified areas.

Better yet, this level of knowledge helps team members understand how the can leverage one another’s strengths and contribute to work most effectively to achieve their full potential.