Where Do Values Come From? Part 2
Our values come from our faith.
Last time I talked about values coming from our home and looking at what values you were raised with. This morning I was thinking about living out your faith in tough times and saw values written all over it. Our values also come from our faith. Or more specifically what we put our faith in. As a Christian one of the places I put my faith is in the Bible and what it reveals. This leads me to forming my values based on what I learn about this Jesus.
Perhaps you are not a Christian but you still operate with faith. Everyone does. Your values come from where that faith is directed. Perhaps it was a family member that impacted you in a significant way or a author, some experience that you went through. Lots of things could be listed. Some positive and some negative. Have you ever stopped and thought long and hard about what is the object of your faith and does it give you the values that you really want? Not all values are positive but all positively affect us and some in a negative way. Take some time and think about what your faith is in and is it producing a set of values that makes you the person you want to be.
Bill Graybill

Bill Graybill

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