Where Do Values Come From?
The biggest source is our home and our parents.
I was working with a young man the other day discussing finding his values. The discussion turned to the source of values. Not all sources are equal. The big source is our home and parents. I see this in my own boys and in myself. Three generations of passed down values that look similar.
So if you are passing down your values to the generations that follow, a good question to ask is where did those values come from and is the source trustworthy? While they may have come from your home was your home a trustworthy source? Emotionally we want to say yes but is that reality. A lot of homes have some pretty wacky values. STOP! LOOK! Is your main source trustworthy? I ask this to cause you to think and evaluate. That is the first step to change.
Bill Graybill

Bill Graybill

Founder & President

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