Resolve Conflict God’s Way


Are You Experiencing the Destructive Effects of Conflict. Whether it is with your spouse, your kids, coworkers, or church members, conflict is part of your life. It is never comfortable, but resolving it God’s way is an essential part of building emotional and spiritual health.

Resolve Conflict God’s Way provides step-by-step guidance to redemptive conflict resolution and mending broken relationships. Through biblical principles and practical worksheets, you will learn new strategies to resolve conflict.

“A MUST-READ for every person who struggles with conflict and desires to resolve it with Christian Values”

EUGENE PETERSON, Pastor & Author of The Message Bible

If you are in the middle of conflict, you can make immediate changes by learning

• when it is okay to get angry and when it is not okay;
how to manage your anger so you do not destroy those you love;
how to walk in true forgiveness even when the pain is great;
how to deal with difficult people by expressing God’s love;
when and how to overlook offenses and feel good about it;
the ABCs of confessing your sin so others will forgive you;
how to heal relationships by confronting others;
when and how to bring others into the process.

Bonus material is available at the end of each chapter to further your journey into Redemptive Conflict Resolution.


Listed on Rick Warren’s and in his newsletter as one of seven books that should be in every leader’s library.

“Bill has nailed it, and every person who struggles with conflict will find practical help based on biblical values and principles.”

Pastor Mark Batterson, Author of the Circle Maker and four NY Times Best Sellers

“All of us deal with conflict at one time or another. Dr. Bill Graybill writes a powerful message of help for all people on the subject. Drawing from personal experience and wisdom, he has created a practical primer on how Redemptive Conflict Resolution can bring healing to friends, marriages, workplace associates, and congregations. Why wait? Help has arrived to bring healing.”

Dr. Stan Fleming, President of Gate Breakers Ministries

“The necessity of confronting conflict with the possibility of redeeming the relationship is practically and understandably addressed by Dr. Graybill. His guidance is truly welcomed, as truth expressed simply and succinctly enables the soul to be set free.”

Dr. Lew Shelton, President, Bethany University

“Bill has done a masterful job in Resolve Conflict God’s Way. The chapter on forgiveness is a passionate appeal to heal broken relationships. It is obvious that this book has been formed in his own furnace of adversity.”

Tim Olson, MEd, Business Coach

“Whether you are a Business or Ministry Leader or a soccer Mom you will face conflict. I highly recommend you learn from the expertise of Dr. Bill Graybill on how to handle it effectively. Those that are effective at handling conflict build relationships, grow organizations and are much more successful and fulfilled. Those that can’t handle it will become stuck. Bill gives you the step by step keys in an easy to understand way so that you too can become effective at redemptive conflict management and therefore experience the Joy, Success, and Fulfillment that leads to greater productivity and happiness.”

Tim Figley II, Business Coach

“Pastor Bill Graybill has been a good friend and colleague for over 30 years and I can’t think of a person who is better qualified to write about conflict resolution than him. Bill has great wisdom and experience in working with people who are struggling with unity. This book will be a wonderful tool for anyone who has the responsibility to help people work together with one mind and purpose.”

Pastor Dee F. Duke

“Conflict is inevitable; it happens. Bill gives solutions and reasons that help the reader to understand and deal with conflicts that can damage as well as build relationships. This is one very positive book. I recommend everyone in leadership to read Bill’s book. Just a thought; I wonder what would happen if our law-makers took these concepts to heart!”

Andy Olson House Speaker Pro Tempore Oregon Legislature

“I love books that provide practical tools for life and leadership. My friend Bill Graybill has done an extraordinary job in helping us know how to resolve conflict in relationships. It is a must read for every leader.”

Bill Wilson, Network Lead Pastor