New Life Home Care
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Transforming a Business

New Life Home Care is a family-owned business, with several offices over several states. They specialize in providing quality home care for those with aging or medical limitations.

The Problem

The owners have a desire to expand but are facing all the challenges that come with expansion. Hiring an office manager was on top of their list. Recruiting the right person who could be part of the management team was important.

Hiring Beverly was their first step in moving forward. She had all of the qualifications and experience necessary to be a successful team member. The first few weeks were encouraging while encountering the normal bumps of change.

Problems began to surface around how Beverly and one of the owners communicated. Both having come from very different cultures and holding dissimilar expectations. Communication broke down, respect was damaged and trust was disappearing.

Interaction between the two was filled with tension, misunderstanding and confusion. If change had not come, termination was a very real possibility. Both parties were aware of the seriousness of the situation and both desired change.

“The excellent coaching and ‘aha’ moments I had with Bill were gold.”
Terri R. PA

The Solution

Peace Mentors has been engaged by New Life Home Care intermittently over the past five year. We were again called upon to work with the business to bring reconciliation to the relationship and equip all involved with the needed communication skills.

We engaged in individual executive coaching for both the owner and office manager. Working with each one on communication skills, emotional EQ and how to resolve conflict by repairing the relational damage.

“Working with Bill allowed me to grow as a leader. He helped me to see how each of my staff needed to be mentored individually and then brought together as a team.”
Beverly James, PA

The Outcome

The engagement lasted for six months with two coaching sessions for each individual. After executive level coaching both owner and manager were communicating well and moving forward to expand the business.


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